bridging finance

Gone are the days with Bridging Finance being an expensive option. Many lenders offer attractive alternatives allowing the ability to purchase a property prior to selling your existing home. Real Estate Agents traditionally object to an offer on a property ‘Subject to Sale’. Bridging Finance provides an advantage in securing the new property as this condition is no longer required, providing a better chance of your offer being accepted. This facility is also available if you are looking to build a property prior to selling your current home.

The current equity position is a determining factor in whether a Bridging Loan can be facilitated. This is able to be ascertained quite quickly. In some cases no payments are required during the ‘Gap Period’. As there is a variety of bridging products, we recommend to make contact to organise an appointment to discuss these in more detail. This option of buying before selling has become an increasingly prevalent option, hence the right advice is crucial in structuring this facility accordingly.

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