Having a home loan that’s right for you is an important fundamental. Most people are time poor and do not have the resources to research the best loan options for them. This is where a Finance Broker can become the catalyst to your financial success. Whether it be the decision to refinance to a lower the interest rate, consolidate debt and/or lower overall repayments, refinancing is an option which should be considered and reviewed at least every three years. You may also decide to refinance to obtain ‘cash out’ from the equity in your home to buy a new car, organise a holiday or perform home improvements. There are so many different options on the market with lenders vying for your business. We also have the ability to negotiate a refinance rebate of fees with several lenders.

Allow Afirm Financial the opportunity to see how much money we can save you on your current home loan and any other debts. The financial analysis we perform is an exercise which potentially can save you a substantial amount of money that you can have in your pocket, rather than paying it to the bank.

Looking to refinance?