your bank said no

Afirm Financial navigates through the different lender policies and guidelines to ensure the best chance of approval. Once we have ascertained the choice of lenders, we then negotiate the best possible package to ensure that the loan fits with your requirements.

If your bank has said “No”, this does not mean that you cannot be approved through another bank or lender. We are professionals and it is our role to provide the right advice. We receive daily updates from our lender network to keep abreast of what rates and products are available along with each bank, lender and financier’s ever-changing new policies. Each adopt a different view when assessing a loan application.

Most people feel that if their bank has said “No”, they are not able to obtain finance. This is a common misconception and something we deal with quite often. There are many reasons why a loan may be declined by one lender and approved by another. The most prevalent reasons are due to low Credit Score, lack of savings history, short-term employment, inability to meet the lenders affordability guidelines, stringent criteria for Self-employed, adverse credit and the list goes on.

With our knowledge, experience and extensive panel of lenders we currently work with, we provide a great foundation and opportunity to secure your finances.

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